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Stella Czerniewski

Granting Wishes for Adult Cancer Patients

Upon receiving her own wish, Stella’s heart was filled with a new wish: for there to be a foundation which granted wishes for adults with life-threatening Stage 4 cancers. In February 2008, Stella’s husband established Stella’s Wish Foundation in honor of “His Stella”.

Stella’s Wish Foundation would be honored to grant a wish for you or someone you know who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 of a life-threatening cancer. Cancer takes the life of 555,000 people (about 1 in every 489) every year in the USA.

Stella’s Wish Foundation is a non-profit foundation fully funded by sponsors, donors, and fundraisers. Thanks to our growing list of supporters and donors we are granting wishes across the U.S. 

Make someone's wish
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We make wishes come true!
Sharon went to Miami with her daughter.
Erin got to meet pro westler Kevin Nash.
George had Christmas In October with his grandkids.
Amber watched her kids have fun in the backyard.
Tony went to Las Vegas.
Clinton went to Branson.
New York Yankees Manager, Joe Girardi, talks about SW

KMOV News 4 ran a story about Stella's Wish Foundation in October 2017.


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Stella's Wish Foundation is a 501(c) (3) status Non Profit as of March 2, 2009

Granting wishes to adults with a life-threatening cancer diagnosis since 2009.

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