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Let Us Grant A Wish

Stella's Wish Foundation would be honored to grant a wish to you or someone you love who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 of a life-threatening cancer.We know every day of life is a treasure, and we all have wishes we would like to see come true. Submit the initial referral form below and help us grant you or someone you know a wish.

Our Board of Directors votes on each wish. Unfortunately, the organization does not provide medical bill assistance, but please visit our Resources page if you need ideas for where else to turn.

Your form submission will need to include a doctor's letter stating that the person has Stage IV cancer. (.pdf and .jpg are fine).

1.  We vote on wishes on first Monday of each month.
2.  We can only call you back on wishes that we grant.
3.  We do go back two months.
4.  You can submit a wish as many times you want.
5.  We can only grant 2-3 wishes each month.

Referral Form Part 2    Use only if instructed to.

Stella's Wish Foundation is a 501(c) (3) status Non Profit as of March 2, 2009

Granting wishes to adults with a life-threatening cancer diagnosis since 2009.

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